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Is there any differences between women in Russia and in Europe ? There may be a lot of differences between Russian women and all other women but there are a lot of similar features which make women almost similar. Of course not in general. There are a lot stereotypical ideas about Russian and Ukrainian women that are wide spread in western countries. We want to talk about types of Russian women which may be also aplied to western women in general and which a man should know if he has decided to marry a foreign bride.

Women are so different from one another even in Russia but they can seem identical with some of women living in Europe. Join our dating forum and online dating game with Russian women from Russia itself and from many other countries of Western Europe. We take different roles within our lifespan some of these roles we like some of the we are forced to play. We play a part of a good pupil, during our education at school, we are patients when we are treated at a hospital, we perform a role of a client when we are at barber’s etc. Our communication habit belongs to category of games , some kind of vital activity. A strong and warm affection can be called a play too. Every woman and man takes part in this performance, communicating with other people.

Are you pleased with your spouse? Can ordinary people be happy in relationships? Its an interesting question how such a plain girl could marry such a guy? And how this sexy Russian girl can remain single ? Any woman can be this person. May be she lives in the next house, or a seller in a department store. The right answer is plain. A lady who believes to her love and does not control all his steps can keep true love life long! She may make mistakes playing this role, feeling desolate and unhappy, and all failed attempts to have a happy marriage are foreordained? So you shall simply correct this script, and we will tell you about the roles that some brides may play.

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